Golfdom Gallery: August 2015

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1. Expensive tastes
We were happy to make some new friends at the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse bar in Daytona Beach, Fla. (L to R) Jeff Dekle, Bulloch Fertilizer Co.; Walt Strickland, Bulloch Fertilizer Co. and Brad Shaver, Helena Chemical Co., know where to find a good steak, it seems.

2. Of monsters and men
We saw this monster truck in the maintenance facility parking lot at the Olympic Club in San Francisco and asked the crew to huddle up for a photo. Thanks to Troy Flanagan, director of golf maintenance (in green), for treating us to those amazing burger dogs.

3. Gators versus nematodes
Following a field research tour presented by Dr. Billy Crow (see blog, here), the group was asked to gather ’round this Florida Gator logo for a group photo, taken from a cherry picker. Oh, those SEC schools.

4. We’re on a boat
Jeff Dekle, Bulloch Fertilizer Co.; Cameron McDermid, AmeriTurf; Jake Wylie, Quali-Pro; Jason Hart, Univar; Rick Grant, Quali-Pro; Brent Ratcliff, AmeriTurf and Billy Crow, Ph.D., University of Florida, found time to further discuss nematodes while fishing off the Florida coast.

5. Fish story
Golfdom EIC Seth Jones (left) couldn’t handle Golfdom Gallery going by without his smiling face in it. So we found this photo of him with Dr. Crow. (Seth asked for the photo of him reeling in a 5-foot barracuda — but let’s just say we “lost” that one.)

(Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Brought to you by: Standard Golf
Photos by: Seth Jones (1-4); BJ Harrington (5)

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