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E3 ExpanderE3Expander is the only water-based multi-purpose spray Adjuvant in the Turf & Ornamental industry. Not only does it make pesticides and fertilizers more effective and efficient, but it is extremely economical, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. E3Expander empowers industry professionals through innovation that utilizes “moisture intelligence” and Nano Green Technology, which helps facilitate a more productive pesticide and fertilizer spray program.

E3Expander has a myriad of functional characteristics such as; Drift Retardant up to 19 mph, Penetrant that maximizes the effectiveness of chemicals, Spreader that helps provide better coverage on the plant surface, Sticker that helps active ingredients stay on the plant longer, and also has a built in foaming agent and acts as a Tank Buffering agent to make everything in your tank more effective. E3Expander has proprietary organic compounds added that encapsulate each molecule added to the tank, so that multi-combination tank sprays can mix easier and not separate in the tank.

#E3ExpanderEasyEconomicalEfficient! Make peace of mind a priority, expand your capabilities.


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