Corteva Agriscience announces new fungicide for turf

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Corteva Agriscience announced it is expanding its disease management portfolio with Floxcor specialty fungicide for turf and ornamental professionals in the United States. Containing the active ingredient fluoxastrobin, Floxcor specialty fungicide is a FRAC 11 (strobilurin) group fungicide.

According to the company, Floxcor specialty fungicide controls 28 foliar, stem and root diseases, including anthracnose, brown patch, fairy ring, leaf spot, pythium blight and snow mold. In addition, Floxcor specialty fungicide provides dollar spot control in light to moderate pressure conditions.

Available for use on golf courses, Floxcor specialty fungicide provides a broad spectrum of activity.

The product inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth by interfering with the respiration process of the plant-pathogenic fungi and swiftly moves into the plant interior and spreads through the plant’s vascular system, including the xylem, becoming rain-fast 15 minutes after an application. The plant roots absorb the active ingredient, which is then transported via the xylem, to impede fungal growth and prevent new infections.

Floxcor will be available for purchase in late 2023.

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