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Tag: fungicide

Ascernity fungicide from Syngenta receives registration in California

April 26, 2021 By
Ascernity fungicide, from Syngenta, has been registered for use on turf and golf courses in California. According to the company, the fungicide will help superintendents control anthracnose, large patch, gray leaf spot and more. “It’s exciting to finally receive the ...

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The fate of fungicide

March 2, 2021 By and
Researchers assessed the fate of pyraclostrobin, triadimefon and penthiopyrad following various post-application irrigation and mowing treatments. ...

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Syngenta updates Briskway fungicide label

May 8, 2020 By
Label update includes a higher maximum annual rate, more total applications and an increased maximum application rate. ...

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Gain more with Traction™ Fungicide

December 1, 2019 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] Traction™ fungicide is a proven premix that helps golf course managers gain control of challenging diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch and snow mold. Traction combines FRAC 29 and FRAC 3 actives to support disease resistance management. ...

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Amvac rolls out new fungicide

March 19, 2019 By
Amvac introduced Oximus fungicide, a preventive fungicide with systemic properties that provides broad-spectrum control of dollar spot and many other listed turf diseases. Oximus fungicide joins the Amvac Four-Season Solutions portfolio of fungicides as a foundation for golf course rotation ...

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Syngenta Posterity. Photo provided by Syngenta.

Syngenta: Posterity fungicide

August 21, 2018 By
Posterity® fungicide, the most active SDHI in the turf market, is now available to deliver power that lasts, holding stronger for up to 28 days of dollar spot control and setting a new standard for spring dead spot control. Posterity is ...

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