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Benton Hodges

Benton Hodges on when turf tech goes wrong

July 18, 2024 By
Benton Hodges tells a personal story about when technology threw a wrench in the final plans of the season. ...

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Karl Danneberger, Ph.D

Turf MD: The history of preventive fungicide programs

June 10, 2024 By
Dr. D gives a history lesson on preventive fungicide programs. ...

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Photo: Envu

Envu releases Castlon fungicide for cool-season turf

May 31, 2024 By
The new fungicide debuts alongside four new postemergence cool-season turfgrass herbicides, available June 2024. ...

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Photo: BASF

BASF introduces Aramax Instrinsic brand fungicide for broad-spectrum control on fairways

May 23, 2024 By
Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide will be available for sale starting June 1, 2024. ...

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Jeff Vannoy from BASF on the company’s latest fungicide release, Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide

April 4, 2024 By
Jeff Vannoy, senior product manager for BASF, shares how the company's latest fungicide, Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide, came to life and how it will help to tackle snow mold, large patch, brown patch and other key turf diseases. ...

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Nufarm to highlight new Velocity PM herbicide at 2024 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show

January 16, 2024 By
Nufarm will offer supers the opportunity to learn more about Velocity PM with live presentations at the show. ...

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