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Bunker liner in sophomore year at GIS

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Polylast_Systems-logoA product introduced at GIS in San Diego last year is back for another round of superintendent inspection here in Orlando. The Polylast Bunker Liner is a bunker solution made from 100-percent recycled rubber and proprietary urethanes.

Polylast’s Pete Laurence tells booth visitors that the company has a patented process of encapsulating recycled rubber with a pretreatment of chemicals that when bound with urethane becomes extremely strong, “stronger than almost anything else.”

Polylast improves water flow to drain systems in bunkers, Laurence says, to prevent flooding and washout while protecting sand from migrating rocks and dirt from the native subsurface.

The prefabricated liner is delivered ready to install, and requires only the placement of the preformed pads. The seams can be stapled or glued together.

The company pre-forms the 3/8-inch pads at its facility and ships them, Laurence notes, and to install, you pick up a pad or a roll, lay it in the bunker and butt the edges. Than a binder seals the edges. Superintendents can line a single bunker or do all bunkers, and three men can do a 1,000-foot bunker in an hour, Laurence says.

“Every course that’s tested it from Alberta, Canada to southern California, they’ve said that they’re going to use it in their renovations.” Laurence says. Riviera CC is interested in the material for a bridge path.

“What we’ve demonstrated is that it’s less expensive installed and it’s more durable than any other system.” He noted that the product carries a 10-year warrantee. “You can,” Laurence notes with a smile, “run elk over it.”

Laurence also says that he has had distribution interest from all over the world.

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