BPIA’s new name reflects its 
expanded membership, goals

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BPIA has changed its name from the Biopesticide Industry Alliance to the Biological Products Industry Alliance. The name change reflects the organization’s expanded membership and goals, while allowing the organization to keep BPIA as its acronym.

“We’ve grown from five members in 2000 to 115 at year-end 2016,” says BPIA Executive Director Keith Jones. “Our membership now reaches well beyond the biopesticide industry. Now we also cover biostimulants, growers, food processors, marketers, distributors, and myriad other markets.”

Jones says BPIA added 25 members last year, and 2017 looks like more of the same … times two.

“We’re on pace to add 50 new members this year, about one per week,” says Jones, noting this growth is with BPIA closely vetting prospective members.

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