BioSafe Systems rolls out new biofungicide

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BioSafe Systems released its PVent biofungicide. This development was spearheaded through a strategic partnership between two family-owned businesses: BioSafe Systems and Lallemand Plant Care.

PVent’s active ingredient — Gliocladium catenulatum Strain J1446 – was originally isolated from natural Finnish soils providing adaptation traits like an enhanced ability to thrive and reproduce across broad temperature and humidity ranges. Making up 93 percent of PVent’s listed active ingredients, G. catenulatum Strain J1446 has a natural symbiotic relationship with the plant rhizosphere including stem and foliar surfaces making it incredibly versatile in IPM programs.

PVent’s is one of the most highly concentrated EPA-registered biofungicides in its category and is powered by three modes of action: (1) PVent is biologically programmed to rapidly colonize its host environment to defend against attack, (2) it will destroy even the most resilient plant pathogens, and (3) PVent has prolonged effectiveness and defense against future pathogens for up to four weeks after treatment.

PVent controls soil-borne plant pathogens, foliar pathogens and is labeled for use on greenhouse/nursery crops and agricultural crops grown indoors. PVent can be applied by soil substrate or hydroponic solution incorporation, drench or foliar spray. PVent when partnered with BioSafe Systems’ PAA+ line of products will provide broad-spectrum control of economically destructive plant diseases, the company said.

PVent is a WG formula that will be available in 0.5-, 1- and 2-pound packaging.

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