Bayer: Exteris Stressgard Fungicide

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Bayer ExterisExteris® Stressgard® is a game-changing innovation for stress mitigation and foliar disease management on fairways. With Leaf-Cote™ Technology, Exteris offers improved product retention on the leaf surface, sticking where it’s needed most—at the site of fungal activity. Exteris Stressgard is capable of both preventative and curative activity in controlling most turfgrass diseases across a range of spray volumes. Exteris Stressgard has excellent tank-mix compatibility, making it simple to integrate into your current disease management program. For the first time ever, Exteris Stressgard is available for purchase through the Bayer Fall Solutions early order program. For more details, visit: ES-218-EXT-229-A-R1

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