Atlanta’s Mosaic Clubs rebrands as Bobby Jones Links

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Atlanta-based Mosaic Clubs is rebranding to Bobby Jones Links.

The transition from Mosaic Clubs to Bobby Jones Links is part of an overarching mission to offer expanded services throughout the club management business.

“We are thrilled to launch Bobby Jones Links with an enhanced focus on innovation, helping our associates grow and learn and truly building our company culture around people first,” said Whitney Crouse, chairman of Bobby Jones Links. “After twenty years as Mosaic, we were given an extraordinary opportunity to have a club management company which shares the name of one of the most iconic golfers of all time who was an exemplary gentleman as well. We are very grateful to the Jones family for giving us this opportunity.”

This rebrand comes after the Bobby Jones Links team was hired on in November 2017 to manage the $27 million redevelopment of the historic Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, thus building a natural relationship with the Bobby Jones Family. Bobby Jones Links will embrace the famed golfer’s inventive spirit and thirst for change, which is why the new tagline of the company is where history and innovation play.

Bobby Jones Links underwent an extensive rebranding process to develop the aspects that already make the team so successful. The new brand better highlights the services that Bobby Jones Links offers while also giving the company a unique selling point.

“The new Bobby Jones Links brand precisely reflects the high level of customer service and innovation that we have provided our clubs and the industry over the last twenty years,” said Steve Willy, president of Bobby Jones Links. “Over the past six months, our team has put a great deal of thought into who we are as a company and industry resource. Mosaic was growing, and we wanted our brand to grow with us.”

Bobby Jones Links plans to keep the club industry healthy and vibrant through targeted efforts to evolve and attract a younger generation of golfers by enhancing current offerings and building new experiences into their properties. This includes adopting advanced technology, new dress codes, modernized clubhouses, refreshed golf courses and facilities, an emphasis on wellness and amenities and activities that serve the entire family.

The Bobby Jones Golf Course superintendent is Kyle Macdonald.

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