Ask Thad: Will AI eventually doom your advice column, Seth’s job and all trade publications?

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(Graphic: Golfdom Staff)

(Graphic: Golfdom Staff)

Will AI eventually doom your advice column, Seth’s job and all trade publications?

— Golfdom staff

This should be an easy one. I have a strong opinion about AI and its many uses. I’ll answer this question in two parts.

1. My opinion.

I think if any of the golf industry trade publications were relying heavily on AI, as an industry, we’d sniff it out. This is a deeply personal industry with experience, sharing and personal connections at its core. To take individuality out of the equation and rely on algorithms and a collection of opinions across the board takes our very essence out of the equation. As far as my advice column and Seth’s job? I’m pretty sure that whether you like or hate our take on a particular topic, it wouldn’t be as interesting if those takes were AI-generated. The best part of doing this is the interactions that I have with people who don’t agree with my opinion.

2. AI’s opinion.

I asked an AI chatbot a similar question. Here’s what it told me.

“Human advice columnists bring their expertise, experience and personal touch to provide tailored advice to readers. They can analyze specific situations, consider various factors and offer personalized recommendations that take into account the unique circumstances of each reader. This level of personalized guidance and empathy is challenging to replicate with AI.”

The whole question boils down to humanity. I’d rather read someone who understands what I’m going through and how to deal with some of the stresses that are affecting my work or home life. Or, at least, a human being who understands sarcasm and smartassery.

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