Ask Thad: Why do supers bring their dogs to work?

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(Graphic: Golfdom Staff)

(Graphic: Golfdom Staff)

Ok, I follow you on Twitter. What’s the big deal with golf course superintendents bringing their dogs to work?

— Eric Holliday (below-average golfer)

I’ve had three different turf dogs in my career. My first, Dahmer, lived on a couple of different golf courses for 13 years; my second, Trinity, made 17 ½ years; my current dog is Lita.

The main thing all three dogs have in common is that they are mutts. Dahmer was lab and shepherd, Trin was so mixed breed we could never pin down exactly what she was and Lita is 50 percent golden lab and 50 percent black German shepherd. The first two were rescues and my brother, Drew, and I got Lita and her brother Sammy from a farmer in Pennsylvania.

I can give you the practical reasons why we bring our dogs to the course. Dogs chase away geese — and we hate geese, but not enough to harm them. Lita is passionate about her required duties and takes it personally whenever the geese return. She is ever-vigilant and an incredible swimmer.

Dogs make the crew happy! We arrive at work at ungodly hours, and everyone is greeted by a dog that is excited to see them, especially if you bring a treat. If you ever have to deal with a pissed-off golfer, here’s a trick. Bring the dog with you when you talk to them on the course. Nobody ever bitches at me while Lita is licking their hand or rolling over for a belly rub.

The personal reasons are the real reasons too. I have a running buddy everywhere I travel on the golf course. I used to laugh when this whole deal about “emotional support animals” started popping up several years ago.

Ask any golf course superintendent with a dog, we started that trend! We all have rough days; we all have small victories that we’d never tell another person about and there are times when you only need a good listener. I’ve relied on dogs as psychiatrists, confidants and secret keepers my whole life. In my eyes, I don’t have a dog, Lita has a human.

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