Air2G2 goes hand-held

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Last week I was in Louisville, Ky., at the GIE+Expo show (look for a full report in the next Golfdom) and saw some cool products that we’ll surely be seeing at next year’s Golf Industry Show.Air2HP at GIE+Expo

One product that was unveiled at the GIE+Expo show was the Air2HP, a smaller hand-held version of the Air2G2 aerifier that fires a blast of air into the ground, leaving the surface of the ground practically undisturbed.

After seeing the product in person, I called my trusted friend Corey Kimball, owner of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Nu-Green, to get his take on the product.

“With this smaller version you can get down into bunkers and drain basins,” Kimball explained. “With bunkers, after years and years of adding sand, tamping it down, running Sand Pros, you’ll have a layer that’s a foot, foot-and-a-half deep. This can break that up.”

The Air2HP also goes deeper (maximum depth of 48 inches) as compared to the Air2G2 (maximum depth of 12 inches).

“I wish I could tell you that I see this doing well with landscapers and home owners, but at $500, that’s a tough pill to swallow,” Kimball told me. “I do see this doing well with golf courses and sports fields, because there is a need.”

Air2HP is a machine we’ll get to see in early December at the Golfdom Summit, so we’ll keep an eye out for this new product in action and report back.

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