2018 SOI: Q&A with WWGCSA’s R. Sean Reehoorn

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R. Sean Reehoorn headshot

R. Sean Reehoorn

R. Sean Reehoorn
President, Western Washington Golf Course Superintendents Association
Superintendent, Aldarra Golf Club
Sammamish, Wash.

1.) Generally speaking, how was the golf season this year?
We had a great golf season in the Pacific Northwest. Our summer was dry, and rounds were on par with last year. Looking ahead towards 2019 and beyond, Bandon Dunes will host the 2020 U.S. Amateur Championship, while Chambers Bay will host the 2021 Four Ball Championship. We are hoping another major (U.S. Open) will return to our region in the near future as well.

2.) How did the weather treat you this season?
Mother Nature was kind. Annual rainfall was slightly below average, but we had great seasons. A dry summer and fall helped keep golf courses busy. Knowing what other regions of the country dealt with this year, we don’t have anything to complain about.

3.) How would you describe the disease pressure this year, and what diseases were most prevalent?
Our biggest challenge is Michrodocium patch from fall through spring. The bigger issue we are seeing is with insects and the movement of billbugs. Longer and dryer summers are also leading people to change and adapt their programs as they seem normal in our current cycle.

4.) What was the biggest challenge your area had to deal with this year?
We had more than 70 days without rain. While that’s great for golf, it’s a challenge we have faced in the last few years. In addition, labor continues to be a national challenge, and Seattle is a booming economy with a $15 per hour minimum wage.

5.) Are there any success stories from your chapter that stand out in your mind?
Seattle was the host city for the Special Olympics in 2018, and one of our members, Ryan Semritc, along his staff at Willows, hosted the golf portion of the Special Olympics with great success and reviews. It is always great when we can give back and work together.

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