What Do You Think of Global Warming?

By |  January 16, 2007

Right now, as I write this, people in Golfdom’s downtown Cleveland office building are looking out the window and marveling mournfully about the snow falling. Yes, I said “marveling mournfully.” People can’t believe it’s snowing, and they’re downright troubled that the white stuff is flying from the skies.

Wait a minute, folks, but this is January in Cleveland. It’s supposed to snow. But the people around here have gotten so accustomed to the balmy late-fall and early-winter weather that they have it in their heads they’re living in North Carolina. That said, enough people have been playing golf the past month that it seems like it is North Carolina.

So what about this global warming business? Are you buying into it?

I say there’s something to it. What are your views?

— Larry Aylward

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  1. Paul Diegnau says:

    No, I don’t buy into the global warming hype that pervades our society at all levels. I saw “An Inconvenient Truth” at the movie theater a while back and I must say it is well done and Mr. Gore does a good job of presenting his case. At the end of the movie the entire audience, except me, got up and clapped. I would equate that reaction to lemmings blindly rushing to the sea.

    I have come to several conclusions regarding this topic and several others in the mainstream media.

    1. The majority of the American (and the world for that matter) media is biased by politics, sensationalism, and agenda.
    2. The majority of the American population is easily swayed by the media and assumes they present the complete truth on issues.
    3. Very few Americans take time out of their busy, hectic lives to research and learn the facts about issues. The World Wide Web is at your fingertips.
    4. Computer models are only as accurate as the data entered into them. Case in point; meteorologists use computer models to predict weather and we all know they have difficulty forecasting weather 48 hours out. Climate computer models have a great deal of “fluff” built into them due to unknowns and lack of knowledge.
    5. Most will agree that the world climate is warming to some degree in recent time. The issue is how much and what is the cause.
    6. Anyone concerned about environmental issues should own and read a copy of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Bjorn Lomborg. It is a factual review of the global warming issue as well as many other environmental issues we face today.
    7. Follow the money! Environmental alarmism is BIG business.
    8. Google: “Gore Gored” It is a scientific factual rebuttal to Al Gore’s position by a British researcher/journalist.
    9. The U.N. is a poor source for unbiased information and research due to its politics, agenda, and corruption.
    10. World polar bear populations are alive and well and thriving. Check it out!

  2. Paul Hollis says:

    I believe that there is something to it, but it could just as easily reverse itself in another decade. I think that the theory that human life forms have that much effect on global weather has yet to be proven.

  3. Aylwards favorite quote source... says:

    Has anyone checked the mayan calendar when looking at global warming? Aren’t we approaching the end of a full wobble in 2012? At which time we would begin to wobble back, no?