Welcome to the 2017 PGA Championship

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The Sunday before the 2017 PGA Championship started was a chance for the maintenance crew volunteers to arrive at the course, receive their swag bags with gear and get their schedules for the week ahead. It also allowed the leadership of the PGA of America and the host course, Quail Hollow, Charlotte, N.C., to address the volunteers and get them even more excited for the rapidly approaching tournament.

Quail Hollow Superintendent Keith Wood introduced the first person to address the maintenance team, club President Johnny Harris. He thanked everyone for coming out to help maintain the course and then looked to inspire the group.

“I’ve been in the locker room for a national championship winning football team, and I’ve been in the locker room of a national championship winning basketball team,” said Harris. “This is your national championship game.”

Wood also introduced the PGA of America’s Chief Championships Officer Kerry Haigh as “the man that decides where we will cut the cups.” Haigh spoke practically to the folks gathered but was very hopeful and complimentary to Wood and his staff.

“To the volunteers, Keith and his leadership are great leaders. They have prepared this course and there are some unbelievable conditions out there,” said Haigh. “History says that storms will come this week, but we want this to be the greatest PGA ever. The conditions are there for it.”

Wood wrapped up the motivational speeches saying, “I really, truly believe that the course is going to be special, and you’re going to be a part of that.”

This year’s PGA Championship hospitality tent for the maintenance team.


The volunteers received a gym bag full of their polos and other clothing for the week.


Tim Krieger, executive director of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association and Golfdom Editorial Advisory Board member, lends a helping hand.


Lori Austin (sitting on the left), Quail Hollow agronomy administrative assistant, checks in a member of the maintenance team.


The maintenance team chats while waiting for Keith Wood and the Quail Hollow team to address the group.

(Left) Quail Hollow Club President Johnny Miller gives a pep talk to the maintenance team after (right) Keith Wood introduced him.


The PGA of America’s Chief Championships Officer talks to the maintenance team.


Keith Wood and Quail Hollow Assistant Superintendents (L to R) Shane Omann, Brandon Hicks and Basil Lowell let the maintenance team know about the procedure for the week.

Photos: Golfdom

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