U.S. Open photo parade pt. 2

By |  June 13, 2013
Welcome to the U.S. Open! This is day two of the photo parade… I’m Seth, and I’ll be your host. Just a note about these photos, they are taken straight from my camera without any Photoshop or light filtering, etc. They’re just pics I took. This photo, for example… I did not travel back in time to get it. Instead, I took a photo of one of the promotional signs at Merion.

Some of the guys relaxing in the mid-afternoon.

Rickie Fowler about to go on camera with the USGA. Had no idea the lovely on-air talent was locked in on me when I was about to snap this photo. Had I known, I would have asked them to say, “cheese!” Or, for Rickie, “Go Cowboys!”

Here is the front view of No. 14 tee (/green), which I was writing about yesterday… weird, huh?

A lot of boots on the course these last two days…

The crew gets in dinner before going out on their evening rounds.

Tom Marzolf, senior design associate with Fazio Golf Designers, explains to a couple of golf fans, “I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure the weight room is… THAT WAY…”


Robert Smith observes the fairway mowers as they’re in action.

Having one leg doesn’t slow this crew member down. Wait…

$6.50 a beer. I confirmed that this price was what they were actually charging. You see, I go the extra mile for you, the reader. Because I care.

A note about these photos: They’re all property of Golfdom magazine. But if you’re a benevolent entity (read: not one of our mortal enemies… you know who you are) you can “borrow” these photos if you just give a credit to GOLFDOM and a link back to www.golfdom.com. Thanks much.

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