U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s technology extends performance

By and |  August 19, 2013
U.S. Battery Manufacturing Co.

Photo: U.S. Battery Manufacturing Co.

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has announced its 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt deep-cycle golf car batteries that incorporate its exclusive XC2 formulation and Diamond Plate technology reach peak capacity in fewer cycles. This combination of efficient synthetic tetrabasic lead sulfate crystal structures provide higher total energy delivery and extend battery life, the company said.

“Our batteries with XC2 formulation reach peak capacity in as little as 25 cycles. At the same time increasing rated capacity and extending the service life of the battery,” said U.S. Battery Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Don Wallace. “This gives golf car fleets and individual owners a longer-lasting, more efficient battery that saves time, money and never leaves anyone stranded on the golf course.”

U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s battery performance was proven earlier this year when a team of retired and off-duty U.S. Coast Guard members drove a golf car across the United States to raise more than $23,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. The golf car, powered by eight U.S. Battery Manufacturing US145 XC2 batteries, averaged 25 miles per hour and 200 miles per day. “With daily recharging, using Delta-Q, QuiQ industrial battery chargers, the team had no problem completing their fund raising trip,” said Wallace.

The company’s deep-cycle batteries are available in a variety of sizes and amp-hour capacity ratings. They also feature extra heavy-duty connector lugs and a tough polypropylene exterior case. The U. S. Battery brand also features an exclusive SpeedCap positive locking vent system, designed for safe, clean, hassle-free maintenance.

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