The fraternal order of greenkeepers

By |  November 14, 2013

joel_jackson_140My most recent journeys have been to state and local chapter events. They were reminders of the positive benefits of the camaraderie of people with similar interests, common goals, and challenges.

One of these events was the Florida GCSA Golf Championship. All eleven local chapters had a team competing for the Chapter Team Trophy and state bragging rights. The Palm Beach Chapter swept the event with Low Individual and Team victories. It was a bittersweet victory. While they were victorious on the course, back home they have been inundated with torrential rains from April to August, with reports of double-digit daily rains and 20- to 30-inch monthly totals. Renovation and re-grassing project costs escalated, as continuous washout repairs were required and opening dates were postponed.

The other journey was to the annual Palm Beach and South Florida Chapters joint meeting. The South Florida GCSA was formed in 1939. As golf expanded northward the Palm Beach GCSA split away in 1978, and in the early 1980s they began these joint meetings to share their common history.

I had lunch at the joint meeting with Kevin Downing, the third president of the Florida GCSA. Now a supplier, Downing and I reminisced about common experiences we’ve had and people we’ve known over the years. These lifelong friendships provide continuity and fond memories. These relationships combine the old adage “It’s who you know” with “what you know” which can lead to personal and professional growth opportunities. I know that my volunteer participation and involvement led me to a rich and satisfying career in this industry.

Do yourself and your career a big favor — go to meetings and get involved!

Joel Jackson, CGCS-Ret., is a contributing editor for Golfdom.

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