The 19th Hole: Colin Seaberg

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Colin Seaberg
CGCS // Barton Hills CC, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Colin, what can I get you? I like my beer as much as the next guy, but I could use an ice-cold Mountain Dew.

Tell me about your family. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife (Andrea) for 20 years. My daughter (Alayna) turns 16 in a few weeks; I’m scared to death about that. We’ve got two boys, Chase is 12, he’s a gamer. Blake is 8, he’s just a cool dude, likes to hang out.

Help me out. Associate Editor Grant Gannon is getting married this month and I’m lousy with cards. What should I write? Hmm… just make sure you keep your wife happy. How about, “Make sure you take care of Momma and things will be good for you.”

You and I have the same favorite NFL player: Barry Sanders. I’m the biggest Lions fan ever. My Barry Sanders jersey is the best thing my wife’s ever bought for me, she got it for me the first year we were married.

You told me you wanted to work at Congressional so you could learn to grow grass in the toughest area. So you’re willing to say that D.C. is the hardest area? When I was younger and first starting out in the business I’d say, “No one has it worse than us.” But now… St. Louis guys don’t have much fun. Neither do guys in Cincinnati or Evansville, Ind. I think the whole Ohio Valley down to Potomac, that’s just a tough area to grow grass.

Best thing you’ve ever witnessed? Other than my wedding and the birth of my kids… my assistant and I were working hard, and the president of the club was walking by. That was the year Michigan State played Michigan in the Big House. “Hey Mr. Buckler, you know anybody that has any tickets?” He says, “You know what, you guys have done such a good job, you guys be my guests.” My assistant and I found ourselves in the luxury box at the Big House! It was a tight football game, Michigan State never led. The confidence level of the Michigan fans was growing throughout the game, to the point it was the fourth quarter and Michigan was lining up to take that punt. I remember saying, “You still got to field this punt.” They said you’re crazy. You know the history, he fumbles the snap, Michigan State scored and won.

Did you lose your mind? I went totally ballistic! We were rooting for MSU but not overly so — we were tactful up until then. Let’s put it this way, no one has invited us back as guests since.

Photo: Golfdom

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