Texas A&M AgriLife breeds viable Zoysia

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The latest turfgrass variety in a recent string of releases by Texas A&M AgriLife Research breaks new ground among market zoysiagrasses, especially in its viability for golf course putting greens, according to Texas A&M AgriLife.

“Zoysias have typically not been considered for widespread use on putting greens,” said Ambika Chandra, Ph.D., AgriLife Research professor and turfgrass breeding program lead in Dallas. “This variety marks a very big stride in the viability of zoysiagrasses for this application.”

The new variety is a first-generation hybrid developed by crossing the species Zoysia minima and Zoysia matrella. The result is an “ultradwarf” turfgrass well suited for golf course putting greens in a wide range of environments across the U.S., including the Transition Zone.

It will be marketed and sold under the brand name Lazer Zoysiagrass.

It produces narrower and shorter leaf blades as well as a shorter “dwarf” canopy compared to Diamond, a variety also developed by AgriLife Research. In research trials, Lazer displayed resistance to tawny mole crickets and boasts a low seedhead production.

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