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Target Specialty Products releases COVID-19 action plan for golf courses

By |  April 9, 2020 0 Comments

Target Specialty Products released an action plan for golf courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company said in its plan, “With any emergency taking place, many considerations must be made for your business. Navigating through any emergency will define your business in your community. In some cases, this may decide the fate of viability for future revenue and success. Our goal with this outline is to help you manage operations with this ever-changing public threat of COVID-19. Continue moving your business forward with clarity and take the necessary steps to build a functional and safe response plan.”

The plan includes:

1. Action planning: Assemble your emergency response team. Who will be involved? Determine who will be most effective. In most cases, this will be your senior management team.

2. Safety: Outline and understand your liabilities, community safety and laws.

3. Communication: Define how you will express this situation to your community. Describe your actions and find the appropriate presentation method.

4. Operations: Build a framework of tiered responses dependent on severity of the situation.

5. Staff management: Connect with your teams and ensure everyone understands responses and actions.

6. Connecting with your customers: Express your actions and response plans to your customers. Convey your goals and update your patrons frequently.

Find the full response plan here.

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