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Tag: USGA Green Section

Milkweed plants provide an essential habitat for monarch butterflies in out-of-play areas on golf courses. (Photo: Dan Potter, Ph.D.)

Why golf courses should go back to nature

October 19, 2021 By
Mike Kenna shares ways golf courses can keep and maintain out-of-play areas thanks to the results of several environmental studies. ...

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Light topdressing rates of 0.50 to 0.75 cubic feet of sand per 1,000 square feet are used during periods of minimal growth. (Photo courtesy of Brian Whitlark)

Research identifies sand and topdressing needed to manage putting greens

August 24, 2021 By and
Field observations and research reveal the type of sand and amount of topdressing needed to manage thatch and organic matter accumulation in putting greens. ...

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The new Deacon tool to improve the golfer experience honors Deacon Palmer (left), the father of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. (Photo courtesy of The Palmer family)

Learn more about the benefits of Deacon

June 4, 2021 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., describes Deacon, a program to help make data-driven decisions on resource consumption, the pace of play or guidance for renovations. ...

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Charles V. Piper, Ph.D., and Russell A. Oakley, Ph.D. (Photo courtesy of USGA Green Section)

Off the Record: New bentgrasses — the story continues

June 3, 2021 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., elaborates on the United States Golf Association Green Section's development of the Piper and Oakley bentgrass varieties. ...

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The biggest mistake in green construction

May 18, 2021 By
In his latest blog, Jim Moore describes issues he encountered with putting green construction during his 33 years with the USGA Green Section. ...

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Musings from the Ledge: Getting help with help wanted

May 6, 2021 By
Alan FitzGerald discusses his opinion on the partnership between GGA Partners and the USGA Green Section to offer a superintendents recruitment service. ...

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