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Logo: Albaugh Specialty Products

Prime Source now known as Albaugh Specialty Products

August 29, 2023 By
The rebrand will include a new name and logo, followed by new packaging next season. ...

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Prime Source professionals share their thoughts on balancing course maintenance budget

Managing your course maintenance budget isn't easy. See what tips these professionals from Albaugh-Prime Source have to offer. ...

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Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC. Azoxy D Select™

August 2, 2023 By
Don’t let the heat, humidity and disease pressure cause stress to you and your turf this summer. Azoxy D Select™ offers a proven combo of DMI and strobilurin to deliver fungal disease control without compromise – no heat restrictions, no ...

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Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC. Quintessential®

July 10, 2023 By
Quintessential® with H-Value™ Technology alters the formulation of quinclorac in a way that improves absorption of the product into the plant. That means faster activity and higher rate load in the targeted weed, as well as unparalleled performance in conditions ...

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Taking Quinclorac performance to the next level

June 28, 2023 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] Quintessential® herbicide separates itself from other quinclorac containing products through a unique formulations approach which includes a patented H-Value™ technology. ...

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Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC. Zelto® and Crescendo®

June 2, 2023 By
Stop turf nematodes with Zelto® and Crescendo® biological nematicides/insecticides. Zelto® uses a non-living bacterial active for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil dwelling pests, including white grubs. Crescendo® contains active compounds that repel, stop feeding, reduce reproduction and induce ...

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