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Linne Industries hires senior science advisor

April 20, 2022 By
Thomas R. Fisher, Ph.D., joins Linne Industries as the company’s senior science advisor to lead the development of testing protocol. ...

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To dewinterize ponds, superintendents should perform diffused aeration and add beneficial bacteria products. (Photo: Pondhawk)

Experts Insights: Tips to keep old man winter at bay from your water features

March 1, 2022 By
Some industry experts explain how to treat their water features’ that muck during the winter and how superintendents must oxygenate them. ...

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PondHawk® by LINNE Industries

March 1, 2022 By
As you set budget priorities, are your ponds at the top of the list? They should be! You don’t want golfers making a stink about your stinky ponds. PondHawk®, our solar-powered subsurface aeration system, transforms unsightly, stagnant ponds into healthy ...

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LINNE Industries: PondHawk

September 16, 2021 By
PondHawk from LINNE Industries is a unique solar-powered subsurface aeration system that delivers low-maintenance pond maintenance. Using the power of the sun, PondHawk works with no need for electricity—so its operating costs are minimal. PondHawk is quiet, tamper-resistant, and environmentally ...

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LINNE Industries: PondHawk®

July 15, 2021 By
If your ponds are stagnant, smelly, and full of mosquitoes, PondHawk® from LINNE Industries can help. This solar-powered subsurface aeration system keeps ponds healthy by keeping water circulating. By using subsurface aeration, PondHawk improves water quality, reduces odors, and encourages ...

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Linne Industries: PondHawk®

May 1, 2021 By
You have to get your ponds ready for the season. With PondHawk® from LINNE Industries, it’s not manpower you need to prep them—it’s solar power! This highly effective subsurface aeration system uses the power of the sun (even when it’s ...

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