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PBI-Gordon: Segway Fungicide SC

June 10, 2019 By
University and real-world trials have shown that Segway® Fungicide SC from PBI-Gordon provides consistent and rapid control of Pythium root dysfunction, Pythium blight, Pythium damping-off and Pythium root rot. Cyazofamid, the active ingredient in Segway, stops Pythium spores from germinating, ...

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Tim Demerath joins PBI-Gordon Corp.

June 5, 2019 By
Tim Demerath has joined PBI-Gordon Corp. as vice president of sales for the company’s Pest Management Business Unit. “We are excited Tim Demerath is joining the PBI-Gordon team,” said Neil Cleveland, vice president and general manager of the PBI-Gordon Pest Management ...

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The scenic Nutters Crossing Golf Club in Salisbury, Md., where Pat Riebe is superintendent. (Photo: Pat Riebe)

Kabuto: Spring dead spot’s archnemesis

June 5, 2019 By
As a severe disease of warm-season turfgrasses, spring dead spot (SDS) is managed throughout the Transition Zone of the United States. Caused by a fungal infection that occurs in the autumn months (particularly as warm-season turf is approaching dormancy), SDS ...

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PBI-Gordon’s turf brothers. From left: Brian Aynardi, Ph.D.; Jim Goodrich; Jeff Marvin, Ph.D.; Eric Reasor, Ph.D.; and Jay Young. (Not pictured, Chris Williamson, Ph.D.) (Photo: PBI-Gordon)

PBI-Gordon’s turf bros

June 4, 2019 By
Golfdom: Gentlemen, thanks for taking the time and getting everyone together here in San Diego. To start off, let’s give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and tell us a little bit about themselves … Chris Williamson, Ph.D.: I’m Chris ...

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PBI-Gordon Corporation

June 1, 2019 By
With a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and other products, PBI-Gordon Corporation is a national leader in the professional turf and ornamental management industry. Based in the Kansas City metro area, PBI-Gordon has been in business since ...

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PBI-Gordon Corp. hires channel marketing manager

May 29, 2019 By
Steve Tomac has joined PBI-Gordon Corp. as channel marketing manager. In his newly created role, Tomac will work with the company’s marketing and sales teams to maximize market opportunities at a customer level. The position is instrumental in implementing a new ...

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