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(Photo: Bruce Martin)

Taking a look at a new option for nematode management in turfgrass

Experts share how fluazaindolizine, a chemical nematicide, can help supers tackle plant-parasitic nematodes in turfgrass. ...

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Photo: Bayer

Bayer: Indemnify

March 17, 2021 By
The healthiest roots make the happiest golfers. You can help maximize root health, promote better quality turf and playing conditions all at once with Indemnify(R).  Indemnify is a next-generation nematicide that controls key plant parasitic nematodes in turfgrass. It improves ...

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Quali-Pro: Nimitz Pro G

February 28, 2018 By
NIMITZ® Pro G is a highly effective, non-fumigant nematicide that simplifies every aspect of nematode control. Due to the short half life of Fluensulfone, NIMITZ Pro G will not interfere with other scheduled treatment programs. It’s easy to apply with ...

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Should you spice up your nematode program?

June 15, 2015 By
Sugar and spice and everything nice – is that what nematode control is made of? Ever since his early days in graduate school when he used mustards to try to control nematodes Billy Crow, Ph.D., has looked at the use ...

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Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer CropScience LP

December 19, 2012 By
Nortica, which contains the bacteria Bacillus firmus, is used to help manage nematodes by creating a living barrier of protection around the root. In trials, research showed that the new product consistently improved root growth, turf quality and turf density. ...

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