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New GCSAA initiative addresses labor shortages in the golf industry

June 13, 2023 By
As part of the initiative, longtime GCSAA team member Leann Cooper has been named senior manager, First Green and workforce development. ...

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Double the golf, half the workers

October 7, 2021 By
Superintendents and industry consultants alike lay out what’s worked for them when it comes to finding and keeping good labor. ...

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Golfdom Files: Men outrank turf as maintenance problem

November 7, 2019 By
The year is 1953. The problem is finding qualified, loyal employees. Wait. That sounds all too familiar. Author L.R. Mitchell adds his voice to the many voices over the years that have suggested solutions to the labor problem, recommending that ...

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Ideas on how to solve the labor issue

August 6, 2019 By
I played my share of pickup basketball back in the day. It was enjoyable, despite my lack of ability to break ankles. To contribute, I learned other skills. Setting screens, rebounding and banging down low became my forte, along with ...

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Golfdom Files: Highlights of golf turf maintenance

December 17, 2018 By
Each year, we take a look at how the golf industry is performing in our State of the Industry report, and superintendents consistently report that labor is their No. 1 issue. It seems that 70 years ago was no different, ...

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Digging deep for labor solutions

August 18, 2017 By and
Any of the following five ideas could be the difference between a skeleton crew and a successful crew. There were no new Terminator movies this summer, but Skynet clearly hasn’t won. Most work on the golf course is still done ...

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