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Tag: drought

Color-enhanced thermal image of plots on June 15 (A) and Aug. 31 (B). Percentages denote fractions of reference evapotranspiration replacement. (Photo: USGA)

How drones can help detect early drought stress in turf

December 6, 2022 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., examines advances in drones and thermal imaging that could help improve water management on the course. ...

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Fighting drought with research

September 25, 2014 By
In an ironic twist, this year’s drought in California is having a harsher effect in Northern California than Southern California. Both superintendents and sod producers are in dire straits. And many superintendents fear they will get a beating both from ...

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Handling dry seasons

September 25, 2014 By
All year long, California superintendents have languished under hot, dry conditions. An area that normally sees only 10 inches of rain annually, got half of that this year. Forest fires and drought in the state made national headlines. However, Jim ...

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Buffalograss can stand the heat, drought

June 1, 2013 By
By Keenan Amundsen, Ph.D. Drought, regulatory restrictions, limited resources, implementation of conscientious efforts to save water, and the appeal of reduced irrigation costs are some of the factors driving the turfgrass industry toward reduced irrigation input. The use of species ...

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Puttin’ Down Roots: Drought injury or bugs?

September 27, 2012 By
By Karl Danneberger, Ph.D. Given the high temperatures and low moisture levels for most of the United States this past summer, drought has been blamed as the primary culprit for turf loss in many fairways and roughs. Although drought stress ...

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Turfgrass and post-drought recovery

September 11, 2012 By
By Jim Novak For most of the country, this year has been one of the driest in decades. Many professionals in the landscape business and those responsible for sports fields or golf courses know all too well that many fairways ...

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