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The man in the mirror

September 25, 2018 By
You, dear superintendent, are the main cause of anthracnose outbursts. Luckily, you also hold the keys to minimizing those problems. Research from Ohio State University (OSU) says that mowing issues likely are the No. 1 factor that initiates the onset ...
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Foliar fertilizers and soil nutrient levels

Foliar fertilization is the application of a dilute solution of plant nutrients to foliage with the objective of nutrient uptake by leaves. Initial interest in foliar fertilization began in the 1990s over concern about picking up granular fertilizers during mowing ...

Spring colors: Turfgrass differences in the spring

April 15, 2016 By
Of all the seasons, spring is where we see the greatest differences in growth and color among the turfgrass species caused by weather. Greens often appear as a patchwork of colors expressed by different turf species and individual populations of ...
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Auburn University releases bentgrass variety ‘AU Victory’

October 15, 2015 By
“AU Victory” is no longer simply the wish of every Auburn University sports fan. It’s also the name of a new bentgrass variety developed by AU, located in Auburn, Ala. The first bentgrass released by the university’s turfgrass research team, AU Victory for putting ...

Doubling down on drainage issues

June 9, 2015 By
Drainage-related issues have steadily increased in the 15 years Dave Smith has been superintendent of Fawn Lake Country Club, in Spotsylvania, Va. Woven through wetlands, the course sits on heavy clay soils and excess rainfall often leads to moisture-related problems. ...

An integrated nutritional, chemical approach to Poa annua control

June 1, 2013 By
By Nathaniel F. Reams, Xunzhong Zhang, Ph.D. and Erik Ervin Ph.D. Poa annua suppression and control in creeping bentgrass putting greens is a perennial challenge in many temperate climates. A nutritional approach to Poa annua control is frequent use of ...
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