Standard Golf enters fertilizer market with AgLogic’s GreenAcvtivator

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Standard Golf GreenActivator (Photo: Standard Golf)

Standard Golf GreenActivator (Photo: Standard Golf)

Standard Golf, a company known more for golf course products such as ball washers and tee boxes, has partnered with Iowa-based farm chemicals company AgLogic to launch a liquid fertilizer.

GreenActivator combines humic and fulvic acids with low doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) to treat soil and turf simultaneously. AgLogic officials call the fertilizer “nearly organic” because it uses minimal amounts of NPK.

The cost-effective soil conditioner increases turf drought resistance, enhances roots, speeds turf repair and increases blade width and resiliency. AgLogic has offered the fertilizer for lawns, sod farms and sports turf, most recently on the field at the Women’s College World Series softball tournament.

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