Spiio to launch new irrigation platform

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Spiio launched a new platform built for golf course superintendents and agronomists as well as shared news of its customer base growth last year.

The company said it doubled its customer base in 2021 to 450 total golf courses using the company’s technology. Spiio said this growth comes amid high demand for its new golf course irrigation platform, which enables golf course superintendents and agronomists to monitor and control course conditions at-a-glance. The platform delivers data-driven guidance to optimize water and chemical efficiency and to fine-tune playability. Spiio said this real-time stream of data also reduces labor that would otherwise be required for manual tasks.

Spiio said its precision irrigation management platform addresses the need to accurately report on water uses with in-ground data collection technology that uses non-intrusive wireless sensors buried up to a foot underground.

Spiio’s sensors collect soil moisture, temperature, salinity and light metrics each hour and then stream that data to the cloud platform. With a five-year lifespan, Spiio said its sensors provide maintenance-free, set-and-forget deployment.

Spiio’s platform generates recommended sprinkler run-time adjustments to the irrigation controllers based on sensor data and also enables users to receive push notifications and alerts to take those recommended data-driven actions. The platform is able to detect underwatering and overwatering, achieving optimal moisture levels year-round with a high degree of accuracy.

Superintendents have a real-time dashboard of the entire property and can quickly see and hone in on areas of concern. Users can build irrigation profiles to optimize the settings for different soil and grass types — as well as seasonal requirements — and notifications are available.

Spiio allows users to visually monitor the effect of hyper-local weather events and the impact on in-ground moisture, temperature and salinity levels hour by hour. The platform can provide recommendations for runtime adjustments in every zone. The geospatial interface can be combined with layers such as weather satellite imagery and irrigation system AutoCAD drawings.

“The fact that we’ve doubled our customer base in just one year speaks to a tremendous need for the many benefits our pioneering in-ground data technology provides,” said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO, Spiio. “Golf courses face challenging burdens when it comes to justifying water usage and demonstrating efficient management. Our platform is able to provide the precise solution these professionals require to optimize course management and to realize significant and continual savings on water and labor costs.”

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