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The Golf Industry Show brings together superintendents from all over the country, but Wednesday it also brought together some of the golf industry’s biggest leaders at the CEO Round Table.

Rhett Evans, CEO Golf Course Superintendents Association of America; Jay Karen, CEO National Golf Course Owners Association; Jeff Morgan, CEO Course Managers Association of America and Peter Bevacqua; CEO PGA of America, gathered on stage to discuss some issues facing the golf industry.

Here are some soundbites from the event.

“Small business owner feels the pinch more than anyone. We have to optimize the price of a round of golf because we are leaving a lot of money on the table.” -Jay Karen, CEO NGCOA

“How do we get members or players to accept a brown but healthy golf course. The mentality needs to be more like Europe where that is part of the experience.” -Jay Karen

“Golfers don’t appreciate golf’s sustainability as much today as much as they will 10 years from now,” –Jeff Morgan, CEO Course Managers Association of America

“Golf if going to need to tell a good sustainability story and we have a good story to tell.” -Peter Bevacqua, CEO of PGA of America.

“Changes on golf courses when it comes to water and chemical use are going to be regional. There are those that are forced to change and then you have slow adopters. No matter what it will look different.” -Rhett Evans, CEO GCSAA

“We have to understand who are our members and create an environment that is inviting and family friendly. There used to be this cookie cutter idea of what a country club should be but each club should be unique and reflect the needs of their members.” –Jeff Morgan, CEO Course Managers Association of America.

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