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RightLine launches new herbicide

By |  February 1, 2022 0 Comments
RightLine SULFENCORE herbicide (Photo: RightLine)

RightLine Sulfencore herbicide (Photo: RightLine)

RightLine has launched a sulfentrazone and metribuzin proprietary combination product in the RightLine Sulfencore herbicide line.

In combining sulfentrazone with the powerful herbicide metribuzin, the new herbicide expands the list of weeds controlled beyond straight Sulfentrazone products. While sulfentrazone alone controls many sedges and kyllinga, the addition of metribuzin expands label claims to include goosegrass and a total of more than 70 other weeds.

Sulfencore is labeled for use on bermudagrass turf only and can be applied to golf course fairways and roughs, athletic fields, as well as residential, commercial and institutional lawn areas. RightLine Sulfencore is packaged in a 12-pound bottle which will treat 9.6 acres at the 20 dry ounces per acre rate.

“RightLine Sulfencore herbicide delivers a new level of goosegrass control and value to professionals who manage bermudagrass turf,” RightLine CEO Tim Zech said. “This is the first proprietary product for RightLine, and it’s simply a game-changer for turf managers.”

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