Rain Bird supports Green Sites program

By and |  June 6, 2013

Rain Bird has announced it will give away $2,000 worth of irrigation products to one of the green spaces that earns a Groundwater Foundation Green Site designation by September 16.

The company is a 2013 sponsor of the program, which celebrates groundwater stewardship and encourages green spaces—including golf courses, parks, schools and athletic complexes–to adopt responsible groundwater practices.

“As strong advocates for responsible water use, Rain Bird appreciates the excellent work that the Groundwater Foundation does each day to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations,” said Rain Bird Brand Manager Alex Nathanson. “We hope our involvement will help inspire many more green sites to become part of this very worthwhile program.”Groundwater Foundation

The Groundwater Guardian Green Sites program encourages managers of green spaces to implement, measure and document their site’s groundwater-friendly practices. Places designated Groundwater Guardian Green Sites may use the Green Site logo and name in their promotional materials, and receive discounted rates to Groundwater Foundation events, a monthly newsletter, and public recognition of their ongoing environmental efforts.

“We designed the Groundwater Guardian Green Sites program to recognize green spaces for their environmental efforts and educate others about the many things these sites do each day to protect our groundwater,” said Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin. “Now, with Rain Bird’s generous sponsorship, we hope to encourage even more sites to become groundwater advocates and environmental stewards within their communities.”

Anyone who manages or maintains a green space can apply for the Green Site designation. To be eligible, a site must undergo a free, confidential groundwater site survey and its manager must complete an application form, which the Groundwater Foundation scores, awarding points based on each site’s current practices related to chemical use, water use, pollution prevention and water quality. Spaces that earn at least 70% of the total applicable points will receive the Green Site designation.

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