Rain Bird introduces low-angle nozzle housing for 751 series rotors

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Rain Bird 751 rotor and nozzle housing (Photo: Rain Bird)

Rain Bird 751 rotor and nozzle housing (Photo: Rain Bird)

Rain Bird’s low-angle nozzle housing for its 751 series rotors enhances distribution uniformity when irrigating around obstacles, on slopes and in windy weather.

The low-angle nozzle kit includes a low angle housing assembly (a low-angle nozzle housing and pre-installed dual spreader nozzle for 751 series rotors), stator and stator poppet. Installing the kit is a straightforward process requiring only a flathead screwdriver, the company said.

“Wind, elevation changes and obstacles like mounds, bunkers and trees can make it difficult to apply water evenly throughout the course,” said Altan Tolan, rotor product manager for Rain Bird Golf. “Installing our new low-angle nozzle housing lowers a 751 series rotor’s spray trajectory, making it easier to direct water under trees or weather stations, fight wind and improve coverage around mounds and bunkers.”

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