Quintessential Herbicide receives EPA Registration

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Quintessential Herbicide (Photo: Prime Source)

Quintessential Herbicide (Photo: Prime Source)

Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, received EPA registration of its new Quintessential Herbicide.

“The registration of Quintessential Herbicide brings a new, patent-pending herbicide to the professional turf industry’s arsenal,” said Justin Watts, national sales manager at Prime Source. “Its unique ability to control crabgrass at all growth stages provides an essential tool for crabgrass control.”

Powered by H-Value Technology, a proprietary performance additive, this quinclorac-based turf herbicide demonstrates improved crabgrass control, including during the difficult-to-control midtiller stage of growth. The H-Value technology also improves the speed and efficiency of active ingredient uptake to provide enhanced drought stress and rain-fast performance.

Quintessential is labeled for the control of crabgrass and nearly two-dozen other problematic grassy and broadleaf weeds. It’s approved for use in residential and nonresidential turfgrasses including grounds or lawns around residential and commercial establishments; multifamily dwellings; military and other institutions; parks; airports; roadsides; schools; picnic grounds; athletic fields; houses of worship; cemeteries; golf courses and sod farms.

Like other Prime Source branded products, Quintessential will be available through the Prime Source distribution network.

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