Prime Source launches new AzoxyBio Fungicide

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Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, launched AzoxyBio Fungicide, a blend of biological and traditional fungicides used for non-specific resistance against fungal diseases.

Photo: Prime Source

Photo: Prime Source

AzoxyBio features a combination of azoxystrobin plus an extract of the biofungicide Reynoutria sachalinensis for dual modes of action from Groups 11 and P5. In addition to systemic, broad spectrum, preventive control of key turf and ornamental diseases, the AzoxyBio Fungicide complex provides a biological boost to plants’ immune systems for disease resistance management. An exclusive performance additive enhances suspension for efficient mixing and application.

“AzoxyBio delivers a major boost to added value in the management of turf and ornamental diseases while promoting improved plant health and stress tolerance,” Steve Jedrzejek, product development manager for Prime Source, said.

AzoxyBio has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration and is available exclusively through the Prime Source distribution network.

“A proprietary performance additive ensures excellent suspension when AzoxyBio is mixed with liquid fertilizers, other control products and in hard water, including lower volume spray solutions,” Jedrzejek said.

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