Photo parade: Wednesday morning maintenance

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After two mornings of rain or overcast skies, we saw the moon peek out from behind some clouds Wednesday morning.


Bunker crews still needed headlamps to do their jobs, but the moon provided some light for the maintenance team.


Around 7 a.m. the sun started to rise over the trees and shine on the course for a limited amount of time. Looks like a member of the maintenance team had the same idea as us.


The sun finally shined on the 17th green before promptly being covered by more clouds. We’re just glad the clouds didn’t bring any more moisture.


A vehicle couldn’t quite keep it on the cart paths this morning, and these three maintenance volunteers were given a ProGator, a big bag of sand and shovels to fill in the ruts. Yes, that’s Carolinas GCSA Executive Director Tim Krieger standing in the bed, and yes, he did stand up while they were driving and yell, “I’m king of the world!”


One of Quail Hollow’s interns took us up to “the best view of the course.” To which we responded, “so, this is where you bring all your dates?”


This maintenance team member replaces the cup on 18 one last time before it’s “for real” tomorrow.

Photos: Golfdom

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