Photo parade: Sunday

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Everyone took a shuttle bus ride over from nearby dorms… here they’re lining up to get their gear for the week. Lewis warned them: if you wear the wrong color shirt to the course, you have to buy donuts for everyone the next day.

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Josh Lewis and Eric Johnson go over some basic rules to start the week. Sage advice: always pull your key from your vehicle when you get out of it.

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I love how they built hospitality tents (chalets, whatever) in-between the sorting bins on 18. It’s a goal of mine to schmooze my way into one this week and enjoy a beverage or two…

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Looking up No. 18 towards the green here.

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I’m not sure who this golfer is, but I watched him hit out of this bunker in the middle of 18 fairway. He got out on his first try, but as you can imagine, the ball didn’t travel far.

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HUGE stadium seating around No. 18 fairway, wrapping all the way around the green. It did creep me out to walk around here when the guys were still screwing boards down… but for a good photo, I’m willing to take a risk!

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Taken from the edge of the stadium seating, looking down on to No. 18 green, back towards the tee. It was hot this afternoon, about 90, and the sun was beating down.

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Saw this at a gas station 40 miles away from the course. Miller Lite is typically my partner on the green…

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There was some controversy over who the ice cream cone belonged to: Marcus Lakey (left) or Jeff Stephenson (right.) Judging by this photo, I’m going to say Lakey.

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