Photo parade: downtime edition

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After a morning of good, hard labor volunteer Kyle Phillips, a groundsman for the AAA baseball team Charlotte Knights, skipped the fruit, eggs and pastries, and went straight for the meat.


Need a pick-me-up this week but you don’t like coffee? Just reach in the cooler for one of these customized 2017 PGA Championship Perk Up energy drinks. It sure helped us wake up.


(L to R) Blake Ware and Derek Sawle treat themselves to some well-deserved snacks while taking in some of the coverage of the tournament.


For dinner on Monday the caterers prepared a cookout for the maintenance team. The question of the night, one burger or two hot dogs? Decisions, decisions.


What’s better than a piece of chocolate cake? Chocolate cake topped with ice cream. This maintenance team member took full advantage of the ice cream machine.


There’s nothing like leaning back in our favorite lawn chair and reading your favorite magazine in the industry, Golfdom… or least that’s what Joshua Wilson and Nathan Stevely told us when we found them like this.


Photos: Golfdom

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