Photo Parade: 2017 U.S. Open pt. 2

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In a V formation, a crew of Toro fairway mowers makes their way up No. 18 fairway.

This was the scene Tuesday morning when the USGA’s Mike Davis made the call to mow down some areas of rough that had been knocked down by severe weather the night before. A crew of about two dozen workers made short work of areas off No. 4 fairway and No. 14 fairway.

This member of the crew was so enraptured by the May issue of Golfdom that he tried the subtle “read while pretending to be looking up” method. We like your style.

Raking bunkers at 6 a.m. isn’t the most glamorous job on the crew, but it makes for a pretty picture.

The fairway mowers mow to the light at the end of the tunnel, er, golf course…

Erin Hills co-architect Mike Hurdzan, Ph.D., with Zach Reineking, superintendent at Erin Hills Golf Course.

That’s Brandon, AKA “Big Cat” on the double blower. Big Cat tells us that “rolling doolie” with blowers is no big deal… when he caddies at Erin Hills, he wears a weighted vest.

That’s our pal Jerry Kershasky on the Toro mower. A senior territory manager for Reinders Inc., Kershasky is a good Twitter follow: @JerryKershasky

The first meeting of the entire volunteer corps on Sunday morning. A lot of familiar faces in the room.

The players all raved about the pure greens at Erin Hills. We know Brooks Koepka loved them… did you see that putt on No. 16?

Erin Hills uses Jacobsen mowers to maintain their greens. A crew member walk-mowing greens wearing a Fitbit reportedly put in 22 miles a day getting his work done.

Those approaches were kept tight thanks to the crew on the Toro mowers.

The USGA’s Kimberly Erusha, Ph.D., discusses green speed with USGA Green Section Regional Director Robert Vavrek Jr. and Associate Superintendent John Jaques.

This photo isn’t the best, we just wanted you to see that we were there plenty early on not one, but two days.

Staring down the fairway mowers on No. 18. No photographers were hurt in the taking of this photo.

Photos: Golfdom

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