PGA Championship Photo Parade: Monday morning maintenance

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Early Monday morning rain fell on 2017 PGA Championship host Quail Hollow, and more storms came during the rest of the morning maintenance. So Superintendent Keith Wood and his team decided to limit the amount of equipment on the course. We’ll be back with more pictures later today from the evening round of maintenance.

(Seated) Quail Hollow Assistant Superintendent Brandon Hicks looks like he might be calling out number for a game of Bingo. In reality, he was in charge making sure all of the volunteers checked in on Monday morning.


Quail Hollow Superintendent Keith Wood let’s the maintenance team know about the .5 inches rain that fell early Monday morning, and the plan of attack for the Monday morning maintenance.


(Center) Assistant Superintendent Basil Lowell gives directions to crew members before Monday morning maintenance.


Sunrise isn’t until past 6:30 a.m. at Quail Hollow, so bunker crews were out with head lamps while raking.


It’s all in the details. Two crew members remove debris from a bunker by hand.


(L to R) Kerry Haigh, chief championships officer of The PGA of America, and Wood discuss the course conditions and setup.


(L to R) Dave Dettmer, CGCS, Green Resource, and Jared Brewster, assistant superintendent, Bellerive Country Club, St. Louis, collect data on the 10th green.


This crew member was rolling the green so quickly our camera could barely keep up with him as he passed by.


The original cup cut on hole No. 10 was damaged during the rain this morning and had to be recut.


(Center) Wood talks with a squeegee team and tells stories about some harmless pranks pulled at a previous tournament he hosted.


Greens mowers were some of the few pieces of equipment that made it out onto the rain soaked course Monday morning.


A crew member takes soil moisture meter readings from a green.


(Center) Assistant Superintendent Shane Omann talks with one of the cup cutting crews. Cups were cut before the maintenance team went out so this pair just checked each hole and placed the pin.

Photos: Golfdom

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