New turf adjuvant from Turf NanoTech promises enhanced uptake

By |  June 21, 2023 0 Comments

Turf NanoTech recently released NanoCharge, adjuvant patented nanotechnologies that allow turfgrass managers to deliver their inputs into turf plants.

The company says NanoCharge contains engineered nanoparticle solutions designed to tank-mix with fertilizer, pesticide or PGR products to improve its uptake.

According to Turf NanoTech, its researchers have engineered mineral carriers into nanoscopic particles, tiny porous silica sponges designed to be loaded with spray solutions to improve the uptake of essential inputs. At the nanoscale, nanoparticles gain a special ability to slip right into plant leaves and roots to then deliver their payloads directly into cells.

According to the company, NanoCharge can improve nutrient use efficiency by keeping nutrients in solution for faster plant uptake and greater protection against losses, whether applied to the soil or foliarly.

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