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New app makes scheduling and paying caddies easier

By |  July 20, 2017 1 Comments


Ryan Bartels believes he has created the ultimate caddie hack.

That’s because Bartels, a 20-year-old junior at Indiana University and part-time caddie, has created Circuit, a new app that will better connect him with the caddie master and the golfer. It’ll also help him get paid faster and help the member with more payment options than cash.

“I showed up (to the golf course) today and found out there was an outing so they’re not taking any caddies,” Bartels says. “For the caddies that’s a huge pain, for the caddie masters that’s a huge pain. Sometimes things get lost in translation. We want to fill that void so the caddie master can connect with the members and the caddies, so everyone is in the loop and everyone saves a lot of time and hopefully a lot of money.”

The app, which recently went live, allows golfers to request caddies for their specific tee time. The caddie master can then send that request on to his pool of caddies. Once a caddie accepts the loop, all he has to do is show up on time.

Along with simplifying the process of arranging for a caddie, another benefit is that golfers can upload as many credit cards as they like to the app. Once they walk off 18 green, they can click which card they want to use, add in a tip and rate the caddie.

The app is free to download, but there is a yearly licensing fee. There is also a service fee of 75 cents per bag that either the caddie or the golfer can cover.

“Worse case scenario, it’s $3 to save tons of time and get paid faster,” Bartels says. “As soon as you step off the course, one button pays the caddie.”

When Bartels isn’t working on his caddie app, he studies public finance at Indiana University. He says his time is currently split 50/50 between school and the app… until he thinks about that one a little harder.

“I better say it’s 60 percent school, 40 percent business,” he laughs. “I’ve got conference calls every morning. Typical of any start-up, there are bumps in the road. It’s a game you have to play on your feet.”

Bartels still caddies three or four times a week, but says it’s more of a hobby now, something he just enjoys doing. He’s also hopeful his app can make life a little easier for golfers, golf clubs and his fellow caddies.

“I’ve been a caddie for six years,” Bartels says. “I see a lot of what goes on at your average caddie program. I kept seeing the same challenges. My goal is to fix these challenges with technology.”

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