My top 10 photos of 2014

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Here’s a shot of No. 18 at Pinehurst No. 2, taken during the U.S. Open, looking from the green towards the tee. I like how the massive amount of fans are all kicking up a light dust storm as they cross the fairway.


This was at Valhalla, during the PGA Championship. The crew had their own bleachers built for them so they could catch the action on the par 3 No. 8. I shot the Chris Habich interview from up there, check it out to see the nice view they had:


Gary Woodland on the left, Matt Kuchar in the middle, walking up No. 18 at Augusta National during a Wednesday practice round. Just a fun shot, I like the vast expanse of green that swallows up these three little figures.


One of the crew members at Pinehurst Resort, dialed-in as he mows a tee box.


No. 16 at Victoria National, Newburgh, Ind., on a cool November day. The crew was blowing out the irrigation system this day, hence the mist clouds.


Tori, the course dog at Victoria National. Shooting dog photos is easy. It’s almost cheating. Make a few kissy noises, and most dogs will give you a great pose. I find it much harder to shoot photos of, say… superintendents!

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 2.36.59 PM

Another challenge for an amateur like me: sunrises. Here’s a shot of one of the crew watering down a bunker at the Crowne Plaza at Colonial CC in Fort Worth, Texas.


Pinehurst Resort’s Kyle Brown, clearly enjoying his work giving a practice putting green a quick drink. Whistle while you work!


Martin Kaymer at Valhalla. Surrounded by reporters. Seemingly happy. (This is the one photo I did run in 2014, in the December issue.)


You might remember I did a cover story on the GCSAA Field Staff in April of 2014. For that issue, I ran a pic of the guys on a road, looking tough, and I called it “Road Warriors.” The evening before I took that shot, I joined the guys for dinner at a local Japanese Steakhouse. That’s obviously where I nabbed this photo, of the typical flame-ball that comes with any Japanese Steakhouse dinner. Trust me, I tried to figure out how to use this on the cover… but just couldn’t come up with a clever caption that made sense. Also, the photo is so horizontal, it would have been almost impossible to run on the cover. L to R is David Phipps, Chase Rogan and Jeff Jensen. Phipps definitely has the best reaction!

Let me be clear: I’m not a professional photographer. However, I do have a dozen or so magazine covers to my credit…

Every once in a while I get lucky and get a good shot. It’s probably because I take a massive amount of photos whenever I’m out on the road.

I’m limited to what I can publish in the magazine… sometimes space is an issue, other times the shot just doesn’t fit in anywhere. Looking at these photos, I only published one of these photos in the magazine.

So, here ya go. My top 10, mostly unpublished, photos of 2014

Photos: Golfdom Staff

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