LuLu Country Club trying to get back to the past

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Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.42.26 AMIt would have been easy for the membership at LuLu Country Club to think their luck had run out. Poor turf conditions was one thing, but when the clubhouse burned down? That’s just kicking a good club when it’s down.

But now a revitalization is happening at LuLu Country Club in Glenside, Pa., on the outskirts of Philadelphia, thanks to a new ownership, its superintendent Matthew Stout and BASF’s Elite Rejuvenation program.

LuLu CC, a Donald Ross design established in 1912, is now determined to return to its glory days.

“In the 1960s LuLu Country Club was the place to be,” says Stout, who was hired to his current role last October. “Golf royalty like Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer used to come play the course.”

According to Stout, many of the features that Ross designed were eventually lost over time. More recently the course maintenance began to deteriorate and it became loaded with weeds and crabgrass.


Some of LuLu Country Club’s fairway where in rough shape when Superintendent Matt Stout started working at the course. Photo by: Matt Stout

Stout says while he was interviewing for the job, the No. 1 fairway was half dirt and half crabgrass.

A new ownership group bought the club last summer and hired Stout to revitalize the course. But more hardship struck three weeks later when the clubhouse burnt to the ground.

Despite the problems Stout still feels he was fortunate because last fall was “really good” and he was able to get a quick stand of grass growing across the property before winter.

Perhaps LuLu’s luck is about to turn around. Last winter Stout was approached about BASF’s Elite Rejuvenation program, a partnership between BASF and Golfdom to help four courses test both old and new chemistries free of charge — and he’s started with applications of Emerald in April.

“I’ve known about BASF’s products for a long time but I thought the program was a great chance to continue to improve the course,” says Stout. “We had a very wet May and it has been nice having the products on hand. (The course) has been able to withstand any outbreaks of dollar spot and brown patch. It’s a night and day difference compared to when I started.”

Stout adds that members, who are using double-wide trailers as a temporary clubhouse while a new one is being built, are taking notice too.


A view of LuLu CC’s 6th fairway after the first application of Emerald. Photo by: Matt Stout

“Golfers who have been members of the club since the mid-80s have told me that the course has never looked so good,” says Stout. “Everyone is excited and happy to be out here with a course they can play.”

Now that we are entering the height of summer stress Stout has made some short-term goals for the Elite Rejuvenation program and one for the long-term of LuLu Country Club:

“I know that BASF’s products can help keep the course healthy during the dog days of summer but I want to utilize them to produce championship quality conditions that members can be proud of,” says Stout. “Eventually I would like to host some kind of qualifying event on the course.”


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