John Deere unveils autonomous mower

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Photo: Seth Jones

Photo: Seth Jones

At the John Deere Golf Technology preview in Moline, Ill., John Deere had a big unveiling in store: the 7500A precision cut fairway mower integrated with technology to make it autonomous.

The 75 superintendents and John Deere representatives present received the new product with rapt attention. When the mower just came out, there were audible gasps and a few wows.


The autonomous 7500A has a StarFire receiver on the roof to direct the mower. As Brooks Hastings, product manager for John Deere Golf, puts it, “You have to give it boundaries, just like kids.”

As with all autonomous mowers, safety is a top concern. John Deere addressed this with two towers in the front and the back for obstacle detection. The mower slows down when an obstacle is present. If the object doesn’t move, the mower stops on its own.

A additional safety feature is a visible flashing light and an audible beep for safety reasons. Two bars in the back, three in the front, for further safety measures in case it bumps into something.

“It’s interesting to challenge the way we’ve done things in the past,” says Hastings. “Previously, crews have done a Monday/Wednesday/Friday mow. This mower, it doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark out, it can see. It’s endless how you can fit this into your operation.”

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