Jacobsen unveils revolutionary invisible walking mower

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Are you tired of distracting golfers and passers-by while cutting greens with that unsightly walking greens mower? Watch out world because Jacobsen has the solution for you.

Jacobsen, a Textron company, has rolled out the world’s first invisible walking greens mower specifically for today, April 1, 2015.

The TotalEclipse 2000 is entirely hidden to the naked eye thanks to advanced cloaking technology Jacobsen leveraged from Textron. This mower is unlike anything seen (or not seen) in the history of turf maintenance.

Jacobsen is currently testing the product on courses around the U.S. and Canada (although most are unaware of the activity).

“This is the product no one saw coming – literally,” says Chris Fox, product manager for Jacobsen. “It’s quite a sight to see grass being cut seemingly by itself. The next time you see an empty trailer on the road, remember it might be carrying a whole fleet of Jacobsen TotalEclipse 2000 mowers.”

You will love this product so much you will feel like you’re Bonnie Tyler in the 80s because this it will give you a TotalEclipse of the Heart.

Come to think of it, someone on the Golfdom team mentioned they ran into something they couldn’t see while walking around the Jacobsen booth during last month’s Golf Industry Show.

“The Jacobsen sales department is very excited about going to market with the TotalEclipse 2000,” says Ric Stone, vice president of sales and marketing for Jacobsen. “We expect high demand for this great new product, but it’s very hard to foresee exactly how many we should build.”

If you’ve made it this far and still believe this is real news, Jacobsen would like to sell you a few TotalEclipse 2000 walking greens mowers.

Happy April Fools’ Day from Golfdom and Jacobsen!

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