Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 8 — Watching the Idiot Bag, er, Box!

By |  February 22, 2011

Thanks to everyone who took time to vote in last week’s poll. I think it is obvious that the majority of Golfdom readers agreed with my take on pro-ams. After all, of the whopping nine people who voted in the poll, three of which were my wife and parents, five of the votes, 55% were for the “pro-ams suck” option.

Let me explain how Hendren’s Hyperbole polls work. It’s an all-or-nothing deal. For better or worse I am an all-or-nothing kind of guy. Because 55% of the voters agreed with my take…… my take becomes fact! That’s your weekly look into the great mind behind Hendren’s Hyperbole! Let’s get on to some golf!

Aaron Baddeley won last week’s Northern Trust Open ending his two-plus year winless skid. More important the win punches his ticket to the Masters. The win puts Aaron in 4th place in the FedEx Cup point standings behind Mark Wilson, Jhonattan Vegas and D.A. Points.

Sorry Badds, but I don’t want to write about you this week… I’ve been waiting to write about John Daly, and after seeing this picture… it’s time!

Yes, that is a TV on the side of John’s bag. What? A TV on a golf bag? That is ridiculous!

Apparently the TV flashes advertisements throughout his round. John said he got the idea from Rodney Dangerfield’s character, Al Czervic in “Caddyshack.” What a coincidence! I model my golf course maintenance career after Bill Murray’s character, Carl Spackler! Hey-oh!

Besides the obvious reasons a TV stuck on the side of John’s golf bag is ridiculous, I have thought of a few more I would like to share with you:

#1 I don’t think sponsors are going to be advertising on Mr. Daly’s TV very long if he continues to miss cuts. He has only played in three PGA events in 2011 and of the three he only made one cut.

#2 When did golfers start relying on gimmicks to attract sponsors and make a few more dollars? When did golfers stop winning or at least competing and making cuts to earn a living? It’s bad enough that professional golfers are shameless walking billboards without introducing golf bags with TVs on them.

#3 Isn’t John Daly’s wardrobe a big enough distraction without adding a TV? I think John is trying to stay in the limelight despite his lackluster golfing with horrible, god awful outfits and now… a stinking TV. Hey John, how’s about playing some decent golf and drawing attention to yourself for your golf game and not a bunch of stupid clothes and gimmicks?

What is your opinion of John Daly’s clothing and golf bag TV? I have a feeling your thoughts are not going to be far off of mine.

That’s going to do it for this week’s Hendren’s Hyperbole. Keep those comments coming and look for the next poll coming soon!

–Matt Hendren

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2 Comments on "Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 8 — Watching the Idiot Bag, er, Box!"

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  1. leastman says:

    Doesn’t Daly have too much beer to drink/cig’s to smoke/women to divorce/or gambling money to lose to devote all this time to his disgusting zebra-striped zubaz pants!!!!

  2. Hendren says:

    My answer to your question would have to be an emphatic YES! That’s kinda the gist of my post….I was just trying to be a little more tactful. You know how I do!