Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 7 — Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Maury Povich Golf?

By |  February 15, 2011

Welcome back to another riveting addition of Hendren’s Hyperbole! I hope everyone enjoyed the 2011 Golf Industry Show. Hopefully you followed Seth on twitter @Golfdom during the GIS and got yourself some sweet prizes. I think you all brought some of the nice weather back with you. Thursday the high is supposed to be 71 degrees! 71 sure beats the sub zero weather the country was engulfed by about a week ago.

Congratulations to D.A. Points for capturing his first PGA Tour win at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am with a final score of -15. D.A. teamed up with Bill Murray to also win the Pro-Am Team Championship. After the win Murray gave the following quote “I’m thinking of turning professional. I probably won’t because I’ve got other responsibilities.”

I realize Bill is a comedian but come on, give me a break! Comedy and golf DO NOT MIX! There is nothing funny about golf. Well, that’s not entirely true. Tiger was fined an undisclosed sum by the European Tour for spitting on the 12th green last Sunday in Dubai. That is funny!

Personally I hate pro-am tournaments. What a joke. I don’t care to watch a bunch of hacks beat it around the course. If I want to see a bunch of hacks firing chili peppers all over God’s green earth I can just look out my office window.

I really don’t care what all the no-talent hacks, who haven’t been relevant in about 15 years, if ever, have to say about anything! I’m talking about you Andy Garcia, Kurt Russell and Maury Povich! Really, Maury Povich had time to stop revealing paternity test results and play golf? Don’t even get me started on Bill Belichick or Chris Berman.

If I am going to watch golf on TV I want to watch professional golfers. I would rather watch the Nationwide Tour or the LPGA. Yeah, I said it. LPGA, women’s golf! BRRR! I just got a chill running down my spine! Never mind, I have reconsidered and at no time would I rather watch the LPGA over a pro-am.

Where do you weigh in on the pro-am golf tournament? Vote in our poll or fire me a comment and let me know!

–Matt Hendren

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3 Comments on "Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 7 — Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Maury Povich Golf?"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Pro-Am tournaments are crap. Unless I’m ever invited to play…

    – Neuty

  2. No interest in pro-am golf on TV. In person, sure, I get it. But isn’t that every week when they have VIP’s play with pros in practice rounds?

    LPGA golf, ladies playing golf are good by this guy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will also say that I can watch LPGA golf… especially if it’s a race down the stretch.

    I do wish there were better characters/personalities on the LPGA. Most of the time when I turn on the TV for a major, it’s someone I’ve never heard of before about to win it, and the only person I’m familiar with is 8 strokes behind.

    As far as pro-am golf on TV? Not interested. But I have seen quite a few of these events in person, and it is kind of cool to see Michael Jordan tee it up.